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AMADEUS is a technology company dedicated exclusively to the global travel industry. It’s a large business operating at a massive scale, but what we can offer travel businesses can be explained simply.

Amadeus help their customers connect


Amadeus aims to build a global travel community where all our customers can come and do business together.
By connecting with Amadeus you can enjoy many benefits from access to our community and its single data source. Here you can discover new revenue streams, cross sell and integrate with other travel players.
For a travel provider this means the reach to make your content available through all channels. For a travel seller it means access to the richest, most relevant travel content.

Amadeus offer you a unique travel marketplace, envisaging new and better ways to shape a more connected travel future for you.
Amadeus help the customers serve their customers

Amadeus helps you inspire, sell to and service your customers in a more engaging and efficient way.

We strive to understand your customers’ needs and create products and services to help you attain a greater share of the travel spend and boost customer loyalty.
Whether your customers are looking for travel services pre, during or post trip Amadeus can help you.
As your business goes forward, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself and deliver both value and better traveler experiences to shape a personalized travel future.

Amadeus help the customers manage their businesses
We strive to understand your business and offer relevant and valuable products and services that help you save costs and generate more revenues.
Our products and services empower and optimise business processes, procedures and reporting.
We offer travel intelligence, payment & financial management and mid-& back office solutions.
This allows you to grow today and shape a sustainable travel future for tomorrow.

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